People who are new to Clean are often surprised by the field’s emphasis on the physical: on environmental space, and on working with the physical body. If they were expecting a purely ‘linguistic’ field, they’ll be very disappointed! And so, of course, Clean Conference 2009 has plenty of presenters from this ‘space’, listed below.

Details of other presenters’ sesssions can be found on the following pages:

Jennifer de Gandt and Lynn Bullock  (France)

Jennifer de Gandt first introduced Clean to France in 2000 after working closely with David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley. She has over 40 years experience as a Trainer, Coach and Therapist. Lynn Bullock, a Feldenkrais Practitioner specialising in vision and perception, is also trained in Clean Processes and Symbolic Modelling and has worked with David’s Emergent Knowledge.

Session: Metaphor and Movement

Jennifer and Lynn work in Clean and Emergent Trainings to give participants a double perspective of their mental and physical patterns and habits. They will be sharing with you the themes they use to give facilitators this double mind-body perspective:
•    “Knowing what I am doing so enhancing awareness of my client’s doing.”
•    “Perceiving differences: simultaneous awareness of body sensations and mental perceptual shifts.”

Philip Harland
is a practising psychotherapist, a leading exponent of Clean Language, Emergent Self Knowledge and the Power of Six.  He worked over many years with David Grove, co-facilitated clients with him in Britain, France and New Zealand, and has written a book, ‘The Power of Six: A Six Step Guide to Self Knowledge‘, that they planned together.

Session: Clean and Emergent

An explorative session, not a lecture.  Learn a completely new process. David Grove told me he thought this was “such an amazing discovery, so blindingly obvious, yet we missed it all these years.”  The ‘Six Space Symptom’ combines Clean Language, Clean Space, Therapeutic Metaphor, Emergent Self Knowledge and the Power of Six in one seamless procedure for relieving or resolving a physical or psychological symptom.
As clients, you will experience a powerful six-step process for the relief or resolution of a personal symptom.  As facilitators, you will learn how to run the procedure.  Everyone will get a detailed summary of the six steps at the end.

Nigel and Jenny Heath
have spent two years researching and developing a model for relationship coaching. Building on the shoulders of giants like John Gottman and David Grove, they have added their own composition of life skills, Clean, NLP and other techniques, which they use in their relationship coaching practice in the New Forest.

Session: Clean Space meets the Four Horsemen of Relationships

This session is based on John Gottman’s clinical research into why relationships fail. Using the power of clean space, a demonstration subject will explore what happens when they think about the four horseman of defensiveness, criticism, stonewalling and contempt and their positive counterparts. Short exercises will enable all participants to explore their own patterns of behaviour.

Dena Robbins-Deckel (Israel)

For 20 years created and performed children’s shows throughout Israel.  10 years ago entered the world of NLP becoming a certified Trainer at NLPU. Three years ago, together with 3 partners, opened a centre for studying NLP in Israel called NLPPLUS.  Have also a private practice. Body work always being of importance, studied Rio Abierto, a method originating in Argentina which combines music, movement, massage, and visualization. Conduct a group which meets once a month combining the various disciplines in “Clean NLP in Motion.”

Session: Clean NLP in Motion

This session will be devoted to creating a resource state that can be of value and later available in one’s daily life. The very concept of resource will be investigated through movement, gradually creating an organic personal resource metaphor through the discovery of the rhythm and scope of the movement.  Also to be explored will be how to can stay in one’s own metaphor and at the same time belong to and enrich the group experience.  The experience of Clean NLP in Motion really needs to be experienced to understand.  In the words of Isadora Duncan: “If I could explain it I wouldn’t have to dance it.”

* and Caitlin Walker

* draws on extensive training with David Grove, Ernest Rossi and Joseph Riggio, Caitlin Walker contributes her exquisite skills of verbal and non-verbal pattern recognition.

Session: From here, anything is possible – working with Embodied Awareness

We think with our whole bodies, not just with our minds. In this session you’ll explore the physiological and kinaesthetic aspects of being at your best. Using clean attention you will elicit the body sensations that underlie a state from which anything is possible

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