One of the most exciting aspects of Clean Conference is the number of presenters and participants from overseas. The Conference provides an ideal opportunity to catch up with Clean developments in different parts of the world – new applications of Clean, new translations of the Clean Language questions, and much more.

The 2009 Conference line-up includes presenters from France, Holland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Israel and the USA. Details of their sessions and biographies are below.

Other presenters’ sessions are detailed in the following pages:

Lynne Burney (France)

Lynne Burney has a Master Coach Credential with the International Coach Federation, was a founding member of the Société Française de Coaching and founded the LKB School of Coaching in February 2000. She taught her first class in CLEAN Coaching to trained coaches in Marseille last year and is continuing the work in Paris this year. She shared the “Normandie Salons” with David, Jennifer and the “femmes fatales” over a period of 5 years. While the Clean processes have had an enormous influence on her coaching work she has also explored in some depth the systemic representational work coming out of Germany. She brings these two strains together in this workshop.

Session: When CLEAN meets Constellation in Coaching

When I invite a client to represent his system spatially using play mobile and then invite him to notice what he notices, I have found it interesting to combine the iterative questioning of David’s “6 friends” with the spatial perception points of Clean Space. Rather than the client’s desired outcome being in the space of B, a representation of his system becomes the space of B. The client (space of A) moves himself in relationship to his system seeing it from several angles (and why not 6). Once the client is psycho-actively engaged with his system, he begins to see possibilities that he hadn’t seen before and I, his coach, can invite him to make changes. This combination of Clean and Systemic Representation (Constellation) seems to have a valuable place in a company coaching session.

Gina Campbell (USA)

Gina Campbell, MEd., from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, is a developmental counselor, a Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator, and a Certified Clean Facilitator. Gina has been facilitating individual clients in person and by phone using Symbolic Modeling since 2003. She offers experiential workshops and training in Symbolic Modeling and Clean Language. Gina is a certified National Board for Certified Counsellors CEU provider and recent past president of the National Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy.

Session: Mining Your Metaphors

Gina Campbell introduces the basics of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. You’ll learn why we use metaphors, why we stay ‘clean’, and how change happens. Gina enlivens her presentation with plenty of stories of her counselling clients’ metaphors. She’ll offer a demonstration with a volunteer, and an opportunity for you to briefly facilitate and be facilitated by a partner.

Jennifer de Gandt and Lynn Bullock  (France)

Jennifer de Gandt first introduced Clean to France in 2000 after working closely with David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley. She has over 40 years experience as a Trainer, Coach and Therapist. Lynn Bullock, a Feldenkrais Practitioner specialising in vision and perception, is also trained in Clean Processes and Symbolic Modelling and has worked with David’s Emergent Knowledge.

Session: Metaphor and Movement

Jennifer and Lynn work in Clean and Emergent Trainings to give participants a double perspective of their mental and physical patterns and habits. They will be sharing with you the themes they use to give facilitators this double mind-body perspective:
•    “Knowing what I am doing so enhancing awareness of my client’s doing.”
•    “Perceiving differences: simultaneous awareness of body sensations and mental perceptual shifts.”

Tania Korsak (Belgium)
has a BA, MSc (Anthropology and Research methods) and is a Feldenkrais practitioner and part of the French clean language/emergent core group. Her research and practice explores three developmental lines: cognitive, physical and psychological. She values a heuristic approach, i.e. a way of solving problems by exploring past sensations related to developmental stages moving by trial and error to a resolution.

Session: A Polynesian journey through childhood

Life is a journey! For David Grove it was a Polynesian journey! How to ride the currents and brave the storms of life’s destination-s?

Peter Y. Rangelov (Bulgaria)

Peter is a general practitioner and homeopath who practices medicine and psychotherapy in Moscow, Munich, New York, San Francisco, and many other places around the world. For the past 13 years, he has been developing a holistic approach that integrates scientific medicine, natural healing, psychotherapy, and spiritual healing.

Session: Clean Language Application for Mac and iPhone

Introducing a first Clean Language application for Mac, which gives structure to the session and helps navigate through a detailed framework for change, acting as a dynamic reference point for the work. In a landscape with a number of desired outcomes, you can “zoom in” on one of them to develop it and then easily “zoom out” again to place it in context.

Dena Robbins-Deckel (Israel)

For 20 years created and performed children’s shows throughout Israel.  10 years ago entered the world of NLP becoming a certified Trainer at NLPU. Three years ago, together with 3 partners, opened a centre for studying NLP in Israel called NLPPLUS.  Have also a private practice. Body work always being of importance, studied Rio Abierto, a method originating in Argentina which combines music, movement, massage, and visualization. Conduct a group which meets once a month combining the various disciplines in “Clean NLP in Motion.”

Session: Clean NLP in Motion

This session will be devoted to creating a resource state that can be of value and later available in one’s daily life. The very concept of resource will be investigated through movement, gradually creating an organic personal resource metaphor through the discovery of the rhythm and scope of the movement.  Also to be explored will be how to can stay in one’s own metaphor and at the same time belong to and enrich the group experience.  The experience of Clean NLP in Motion really needs to be experienced to understand.  In the words of Isadora Duncan: “If I could explain it I wouldn’t have to dance it.”

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