Clean Language fits so naturally with coaching principles, it’s not suprising that many Clean Conference delegates work as coaches or have a coaching background. And of course, they’ll find lots to interest them on the conference schedule. Some of the sessions which are of particular interest to coaches and potential coaches are detailed below.

Details of other presenters’ sessions can be found in the following pages:

Jackie Arnold is an executive coach who was on the founding UK ICF Board of Directors.  She presented at European Coaching Conferences in 2004 and 2006.  She is a recognised coach/trainer in Coaching & Mentoring in Management (ILM) and a qualified Coach Supervisor with CSA. Her book Coaching for Leaders in the Workplace (available August 2009) includes a Clean case study

Session: Clean Super-vision

Jackie Arnold takes clean language and applies it to coaching supervision using her own model SUSTAIN and the 7 Eyed model developed by Peter Hawkins.An over view of coaching supervision and demonstration of Clean Language model for use in Coaching Super-vision

Lynne Burney
(France) has a Master Coach Credential with the International Coach Federation, was a founding member of the Société Française de Coaching and founded the LKB School of Coaching in February 2000. She taught her first class in CLEAN Coaching to trained coaches in Marseille last year and is continuing the work in Paris this year. She shared the “Normandie Salons” with David, Jennifer and the “femmes fatales” over a period of 5 years. While the Clean processes have had an enormous influence on her coaching work she has also explored in some depth the systemic representational work coming out of Germany. She brings these two strains together in this workshop

Session: When CLEAN meets Constellation in Coaching

When I invite a client to represent his system spatially using play mobile and then invite him to notice what he notices, I have found it interesting to combine the iterative questioning of David’s “6 friends” with the spatial perception points of Clean Space. Rather than the client’s desired outcome being in the space of B, a representation of his system becomes the space of B. The client (space of A) moves himself in relationship to his system seeing it from several angles (and why not 6). Once the client is psycho-actively engaged with his system, he begins to see possibilities that he hadn’t seen before and I, his coach, can invite him to make changes. This combination of Clean and Systemic Representation (Constellation) seems to have a valuable place in a company coaching session

Nigel and Jenny Heath have spent two years researching and developing a model for relationship coaching. Building on the shoulders of giants like John Gottman and David Grove, they have added their own composition of life skills, Clean, NLP and other techniques, which they use in their relationship coaching practice in the New Forest.

Session: Clean Space meets the Four Horsemen of Relationships

This session is based on John Gottman’s clinical research into why relationships fail. Using the power of clean space, a demonstration subject will explore what happens when they think about the four horseman of defensiveness, criticism, stonewalling and contempt and their positive counterparts. Short exercises will enable all participants to explore their own patterns of behaviour.

Carol Wilson and Angela Dunbar

Carol Wilson has incorporated David Grove’s Clean Language methods into her coaching work since 2002, resulting in major breakthroughs for clients in terms of breaking down fear, blocks and limiting behaviour patterns and, in 2004, was invited by David to partner him in defining his techniques into a methodology for Clean Coaching.  She collaborated with David on translating his Emergent Knowledge ∑K techniques into clear structures for use by coaches and other practitioners who have no training in therapy.
Angela Dunbar
is a Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Clean facilitator, and delivers Clean Language training workshops to coaches as a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.  Ever fascinated by the power of metaphor, Angela works with people to help them discover their own creative solutions and find the message within, to convey in the manner they feel most confident in expressing.

Session: Clean Hieroglyphics

In this session we will describe the “Clean Hieroglyphics” process as developed by David Grove with Carol Wilson, as part of the “Clean Coaching with EK” coaching programme.This technique takes the words, letters and other symbols drawn by the client as potential sources of knowledge, each with its own story and history to explore. We will share case studies of real-life clients who have transformed their goals following the “Clean Hiero” process. We will demonstrate the process, allow for questions and answers, also engage all participants in their own exploration of the words and letters they use to write down their goals.

Cheryl Winter
commenced her journey of Clean in 2006 working with David Grove and Caitlin Walker.  Since then she has developed her skills in Clean and Emergent Knowledge into practical business processes working with clients such as Wigan Extended Learning, Teachers and Graduates, Team Development for Boots and personal Coaching for clients at John Moores, E:ON and the NHS. She also teaches Clean Language on a Masters course in Coaching and Mentoring at Liverpool John Moores University. She is a Licensed Trainer of Magical Spelling, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified in Training Attention Levels 1 and 2, and Partner with Training Attention for facilitating groups.

Session: Working with your Metaphor Landscape

The mental/psychespace we occupy influences our performance much more than we might acknowledge.  This metaphor landscape may take many forms, it may be created or be the projection of a real landscape from your past. This session will provide the opportunity to elicit and work directly with a landscape and to explore the relationship between your landscape and your performance. You will be invited to consider whether there are areas of your landscape you would like to develop or evolve. Lastly you will consider the practical actions that you can engage in so that your internal landscape supports you to have the life you choose to live.

Julie McCracken has worked with Coach Training Organisations as a Senior Coach, Coach Mentor and Assessor and is an experienced teacher. She facilitates adult clients through her business ‘CoachingMagic’ and writes articles on coaching and CLEAN applications for parents, teachers and learners. She is currently writing her first book on coaching children through the challenges of learning. She trains teachers to use Coaching skills and CLEAN in their work with children and is increasingly consulted on the introduction of CLEAN approaches in schools. Julie often peps up what could be a tiresome task, such as the school run, by flying the route or traversing the many underground obstacles beneath her vehicle.

Session: From the Mouths of Babes

See, hear and experience how Clean Language can be applied in an education setting. Julie has developed coaching approaches with young children in classroom and playground settings for almost a decade and enjoys exploring the use of Clean Language to enhance the learning experiences of children and adults.  Beyond experiencing how Clean Language is used in classrooms with young children to facilitate learning, manage behaviour and enhance thinking skills, communication and resourcefulness, you will be facilitated to consider the use of these approaches in coaching, management, relationship and parenting contexts with individuals and groups.