Connecting and networkingJust 12 months ago, we were in the final run-up to the very first Clean Conference. Little did we know how successful it would prove to be! It attracted presenters and delegates from all over the world and generated a massive buzz.

This year’s Conference takes place on the weekend of ………………..Book now

Once again we have a fantastic line-up, including presenters from the USA, Bulgaria as well as France, Italy and across the UK. Whether you are newly curious about Clean and want to discover what all the excitement is about, have done some learning and want to develop your skills, or you are an expert in the field, there’s something here for you.

Top names include:

  • Penny Tompkins and James LawleyPenny and James
  • Wendy Sullivan
  • Caitlin Walker
  • Michael Mallows
  • and many more.

“For me it was like entering a shop full of different smells, colours, tastes, noises. Some were familiar, others new. That included the people! There was fun and joy in being given gifts and making new purchases.” 2008 Participant David Leeper

Our venue is in central London, close to Euston main line station. The University of London Union in Malet Street enables us to locate all three streams of parallel sessions close together. We have level access, a lift and other convenient facilities, and there are plenty of hotels and a Youth Hostel close by.

We’ve also included lunch in the price, to encourage the informal networking which delegates found so valuable last time. And a wide range of books and other publications will be available from the bookstall, provided by Anglo American Books.

You can:

  • Enjoy your first experience of Clean
  • Discover the latest developments in this  fast-moving field
  • Meet and learn from the biggest names
  • Debate and discuss with specialist trainers, consultants and coaches
  • Experiment with new applications.

“It was like a bubbly fountain illuminated with multi-coloured lights changing at both regular and random intervals, adding to its charm. Because of the regularity and the randomness of the illumination, one never knew exactly what to expect while remaining secure in the knowledge that the experience of it would be well worth having.” 2008 participant Jane Turner

The cost for the whole weekend is to be advised.

Join us for a weekend of adventures in Clean Language, metaphor and much more!  Book here.

“It was like flying into beautiful and previously undiscovered lands of possibility.” 2008 participant Kathryn Merrick

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