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With a strong background in management consulting and change facilitation (12 years), Annemiek finds the use of Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling continues to enrich her work; which now evolves around working systemically with clients’ desired outcomes. Clients range from individuals wishing to develop within their work environment, to teams wanting to work together better, to projects wanting to make a ‘flying start’ or review what they have achieved so far, to an organisations’ desire to change certain aspects of their culture or leadership styles.

Annemiek is always looking for the smallest possible set of interventions within a system – be that an individual or organisation -, that has the potential to set the desired change in motion and gets results. She encourages freedom to explore new possibilities within effective structures, and challenges the system to translate possibilities into sustainable change. Within this, each individual and their specific contributions to both the status quo and the desired results are key. There are no free passes to systemic change, and though at times a little uncomfortable, it means that the results have a firm base and are likely to last.

Annemiek is the co-creator, with Wendy Nieuwland, of the Conversational Model, a simple and effective structure to use Clean Language at all levels in organisations, which is now used in many Clean Language trainings. She is also a recognised assessor for Clean Facilitator (Foundation Level).

Annemiek is based in the UK and Holland, and operates in the UK under the brand name of Contino.  Contino is part of ‘Gewoon aan de Slag’ (based in the Netherlands), which Annemiek runs with two partners (Wendy Nieuwland and Maaike Nooitgedagt). ‘Gewoon aan de slag’ is the only organisation in Holland that offers the foundation level Clean training, modules 1 to 4, which run parallel to those of the Clean Change Company. Gewoon aan de slag also offers internationally recognised certification for Clean Facilitator (Foundation Level) in Dutch. Annemiek is currently developing a training course for experienced Clean Facilitators to learn how to work with the Clean Evaluation Method: Modelling Shared Experience (developed together with Stefan Ouboter). Another area of interest is developing a theoretical framework for ‘cleaning up’ management consultancy.

Annemiek and her partners use Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling in a range of contexts including:

  • Applied Clean Language & Symbolic modelling for specific target groups, e.g. business analysts, management consultants, project managers, sales managers;
  • ‘Modelling the Master’ programmes: making use of existing resources in organisations to enhance desired qualities and behaviours;
  • Programme to ‘Model Shared Experience’, used in a range of settings where multiple stakeholders are involved and need to create shared meaning and understanding;
  • Modules 1 to 4 of Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling in Dutch (title: Zuiver Communiceren);
  • Team & Organisation Alignment (e.g. creating a shared and ‘embodied’ vision);
  • Corporate Coaching; 1-1 and with teams;
  • Communication skills training;
  • Designing & Facilitation of meetings, events, trainings, workshops;
  • Consulting management about change or development approaches with maximum (sustainable) results;
  • Developing small-scale simulations to create awareness and learning, e.g. ”The Cheese Game”: a ‘whodunit’ played with a team to experience the effects of assumptions made.Gewoon aan de Slag works internationally and has extensive experience working in both Dutch and English.

Qualifications include:

  • MSc Business Management and Human resources (University of Twente);
  • Professional Development Program in Organisational Change (IOD);
  • Personal Coaching trainings;
  • Recognised trainer for the Institute for Leadership & Management (UK);
  • NLP Practitioner;
  • Certified Clean Language Facilitator;
  • Recognised Assessor Clean Language (Foundation Level).

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