Clean Language is now available on the latest hot gadget – the I-Phone.

ProductiseIT were so impressed with the Clean Change Cards that they asked to convert them into an electronic version, an ‘i-phone app’. The finished product went live recently.

Users of these smart phones can download a ‘pack’ of the cards, scroll through them to read the Clean Language questions and associated tips, and draw a question card at random with a shake of the phone.

One consultant has already used them to coach an executive client. He said: “I wanted to try something different so I just handed my client the phone and told him how to use it. For ten minutes or more he was coaching himself, asking himself Clean Language questions. I’ll definitely be using it again and recommending it to other people.”

To download your cards, go to
Note – this link will only work if you have I-Tunes installed on your computer.

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