Lynne Burney-150x150Clean Conference 2009 is shaping up to be an amazing event! Book your place here.

We’re in a new and even more convenient venue for this year, the University of London Union in Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY. The layout of the space should make it easier to connect with fellow Gina Campbellconference-goers so that new learning emerges.

The presenters and topics are listed below. Many thanks to all of them for their contribution.

Lynne CooperTo read fuller details of each session, please click one of the following links to broad subject areas:

Julie McCracken-149x162Jackie Arnold: Clean Super-Vision

Julie McCracken: From the Mouths of Babes

Philip HarlandLynne Burney: When CLEAN meets Constellation in Coaching

Gina Campbell: Mining Your Metaphors: An Introduction to Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling

Jenny & NigelLynne Cooper: Clean Selling – Clean Language as a tool for persuading and promoting with integrity

Angela Dunbar and Carol Wilson: Clean Hieroglyphics

Penny and JamesJennifer de Gandt and Lynn Bullock: Metaphor and Movement: the seamless weaving of Clean and Feldenkrais

Philip Harland: Clean and Emergent

Terri McNerney-150x226Nigel and Jenny Heath: Clean Space meets the Four Horsemen of Relationships

Tania Korsak: A Polynesian journey through childhood: Understanding the Sensorium

Judy ReesJames Lawley and Penny Tompkins: “I can’t see my legs from here” — A Symbolic Modeller’s Perspective

Michael Mallows: Clean and Crafty Meetings

Margaret Meyer-151x151John Martin: How others have worked with ‘Metaphor Landscapes’

Terri McNerney: Clean Leaders: can there be such a thing?

Dena Robbins-DeckelPeter Rangelov: Clean Language Application for Mac and iPhone

Judy Rees and Margaret Meyer: Clean and the language of influence: the persuasive power of metaphor

Steven SaundersDena Robbins-Deckel: Clean NLP in Motion

Steve Saunders: Story Busting

* with Caitlin Walker: Embodied Awareness

Wendy Sullivan and Di Tunney: Contextual Clean & Classic Clean to model what’s importantDi Tunney

Andy Nelson: Modelling processes and Process modelling

Caitlin Walker: From Drama to Karma: facilitating individual systems and systems of individuals to communicate more cleanlyWendy Sullivan

Marian Way and Phil Swallow: Get Creative with Clean

Cheryl Winter: Working with your metaphor landscapeFoto Annemiek

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(Unfortunately Charles Faulkner’s work commitments mean he will be in US in September and so is unable to talk at the conference)Caitlin Walker




Marian and Phil






Cheryl Winter

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