In the run-up to big events like the Clean Conference (21 – 22 June, London) and Summer School (16 – 29 August, Cambridge) it would be easy to focus the whole of this newsletter inward, on the activities of Clean Change Company and The Developing Company. So instead, let’s do the unexpected! Read on for news from big business, academics, France, America and more…
Judy Rees

In this issue:
New book: Marketing Metaphoria
Countdown to Clean Conference Clean on internet radio
Cleaning Tip: Ask Developing Questions about metaphors
Countdown to Clean Summer School
Advanced training
Overseas Clean trainings
Success story: an ‘accidental’ Clean fix for backache
Teleseminar: Experience Clean Language for yourself

New book: Marketing Metaphoria
There’s more backing for the power of metaphor this month with a new book by Harvard
Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, author of the excellent ‘How Customers Think’, and
Lindsay Zaltman. Marketing Metaphoria explores the role of ‘deep metaphor’ in the way people think about products. It provides a wealth of examples of how this information can be used, and has prompted some powerful endorsements of metaphoric thinking from the top of the business world.

Typical is this from Anil Menin, vice-president of marketing and strategy at IBM. “Metaphors can serve as powerful tools to communicate ideas creatively, but as Zaltman and Zaltman prove in this book, their true value may lie in their ability to provoke deep and imaginative thinking. This book shows us that metaphors, when used well and appropriately, can help develop ideas in new and unexpected ways that can expand the boundaries of knowledge and practice.” Or this from Philip Kotler, Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University:
“This mind-bender of a milestone reminds me of Carl Jung on archetypes and Noam Chomsky on linguistics and language formation. You will never think the same again…”

Countdown to Clean Conference
The world’s first Clean Conference takes place in London on 21 and 22 June. Presenters include leading names such as Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, Wendy Sullivan, Caitlin Walker, Marian
Way, Jennifer de Gandt and even David Grove’s former partner Cei Davies-Linn.

And there’ll be an extra opportunity to mix with the big Clean thinkers at an informal, social memorial evening for David on the Saturday night. There will be various highlights: view exclusive photographs of David, and video of him at work; take the opportunity to discuss how to take his work forward, and tell stories about David (heard the one about a ferret and a plane??) Book now!

Clean on internet radio
Clean Conference presenter John Farrell will be discussing Clean Language, Emergent Knowledge and the Conference, and interviewing other Conference presenters, on his internet radio show on on Saturday 31 May, 7 June and 14 June, all starting at 7pm. If you have any questions you’d like answered, please email him

Cleaning Tip: Ask Developing Questions about metaphors
Metaphors are so much a part of how we think that we often use them in our language without even noticing. By asking Clean Language questions we can bring these unconscious metaphors into awareness, and provide a link between our conscious and unconscious minds.

The best ones to start with are the Developing Questions, and in particular ‘What kind of X is that X?’ and ‘Is there anything else about X?’

For example, you might ask: “And when Clean Language questions provide a link between our conscious and unconscious minds, what kind of link is that link?” A friend asked me this recently. Initially, I thought it was like a bridge. Then I realised it was the kind of link that could get bigger and bigger the more it was used, like an internet connection between two computers. “And is there anything else about that link, when it’s like an internet connection?” she asked. I thought again. “It’s like it starts off rather wobbly, like a slow dial-up that needs an operator. Then it grows to
super-fast, always-on broadband. And eventually there are multiple connections…”

Practice using all the basic Clean Language questions with Clean Change Cards , out next month.

Countdown to Clean Summer School
Anyone can start to experiment with Clean Language questions. But if you want to learn to use them with precision and to promote long-lasting change, whether in coaching, therapy, marketing, teaching or a hundred other applications, then effective face-to-face training is a must. Join students from across the globe for an intense two-week experience at a historic college in the university town of Cambridge at Clean Summer School – and change the way you think about the way we think.

The course will take you step-by-step from complete novice through to becoming a Certified Clean Facilitator (Foundation Level), with assessment by a team including Penny Tompkins and James Lawley.

Advanced training
Several participants from last year’s Summer School were reunited with Penny, James, Wendy and Judy last week for Module 5, the first of this year’s four Advanced Modules.

It really is another big step up,” said Australian Rasjad Johnson.

“This module adds new dimensions and gives brilliance to your work,” said Hans-Peter Wellke, from Germany.

“I would recommend it to many people – and already have,” said British teacher Julie McCracken.

Overseas Clean trainings
Join Penny Tompkins and James Lawley in beautiful Normandy (France) – 29 June- 5 July. A summertime treat in a gorgeous location – come to one or both of two unique events. The first explores ‘The Patterns that Connect all of David Grove’s Thinking’. The second is an entirely new ‘bottom-up’ approach to community learning where each participant gets to choose a part of the
programme. Lots of personal attention from Penny Tompkins, James Lawley, Jennifer de Gandt and Phil Swallow. Look here for more details.

Lynne Burney in France launched her first advanced skills training for 15 professional coaches in Marseilles this month. The 8 day course runs over 8 months. Lynne is aiming to transmit what she has
learnt from working with David Grove, Jennifer de Gandt, Penny Tompkins & James Lawley to French coaches. The course runs in French and will run in 2009 in Paris. *

New American Symbolic Modeling trainer Gina Campbell in the USA is running her third introductory course in less than a year in Baltimore, Maryland this summer. Gina offers a free sampler session to potential students. More information here (*

Success story: an ‘accidental’ Clean fix for backache
Coach Zannie Rose used Clean Language and resolved a client’s backache ‘accidentally’. Zannie explained: “She had come about something else entirely, and she mentioned that in a particular kind of
conversation it was as if she was being beaten with a rod. A couple of questions later she realized that the rod beating her was like her recurrent backache, which in turn was like a rod in her back. We worked with that using Clean Language for ten or 15 minutes and she suddenly said: ‘Oh, it doesn’t
hurt any more!’ The look on her face was priceless!”

Teleseminar: Experience Clean Language for yourself
If you’ve yet to experience Clean Language in action, you can join Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees for a rare teleseminar next week. This worldwide event on 3 June, at 7pm UK time, gives you the chance to discover what all the excitement is about! Numbers permitting, you’ll have the chance to discover for yourself what happens when you ask, or are asked, Clean Language questions. And you can also listen in, though not actively participate, via webcast.

* Please note that these announcements are included for information: these courses are not run in association with Clean Change Company or the Developing Company.

Number 5 – 2008

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