Base: West Sussex

Phone: 01444-448955


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Key to Sue’s experience is her background in, and fascination with how people learn, and enhance that learning.  Sue specialises in creating environments where the emphasis is

on discovery: she delights in supporting individual or team journeys by concentrating on how we communicate with and understand ourselves and others in order to maximise personal,

professional, learning and creative potential to become more congruent and more effective.

She is committed to supporting others to connect with themselves, their teams, their customers and their organisations with ever increasing clarity around targets goals

and dreams.

Sue uses Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling in a range of contexts including:

  • Executive Corporate Coaching; 1-1 and with teams.
  • Private, personal coaching and self-modelling for individuals, partners and families.
  • Organisational Change Programmes
  • Aligning individual, team and organisational Mission and Purpose
  • Preparing for Presentations and Conference Speaking and Enhancing Creativity.
  • Developing Leaders, Coaches, Trainers and Organisational Mentors.
  • Working with staff from not-for-profit organisations in UK, USA and Switzerland.

Qualifications Include:

  • BEd from the University of Warwick
  • Counselling Qualifications from the University of Hull.
  • NLP Master Practitioner & Member of the NLP Global Consulting Community.
  • APECS Accredited Executive Coach.
  • Professional Communicator for British Sign Language Users.
  • TEFL Qualification including English for Business.

Additional Information:

Sue is:

  • A Special Police Officer
  • A record breaking distance runner.

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