Clean Change Company is one of a number of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling sites around the world. Here are a few – email us with your relevant links and we’ll do our best to incorporate them.


The Clean Collection

Penny Tompkins and James Lawley created Symbolic Modelling after modelling David Grove. This is their site and THE source for Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling articles, their book and video and a worldwide A MUST VISIT!



FAQ, discussion, conversation, dialogue, talk, chat, banter, debate, brainstorming, questions, musing, rumination, reflection, thought, learning, and other creative communications related to working with Metaphor, Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling

Apricot Island

Marian Way is an expert modeller and Clean coach, facilitator and trainer. She runs Personal Journey weekends using Clean Language in Fareham, Hampshire.

Training Attention

Caitlin Walker uses Clean Language extensively to design and deliver tailor-made learning and development programs for addressing diversity, conflict, leadership, managing mergers and creating ‘learning organizations’.

Gewoon aan de slag

Annemiek van Helsdingen and Wendy Nieuwland offer corporate training and facilitation with a Clean flavour, in English and Dutch.


Powers of Six

Philip Harland and Mathew Hudson’s site dedicated to David Grove’s discoveries in Emergent Knowledge and the Powers of Six.

Phil Swallow

Phil Swallow is a facilitator, trainer, therapist and coach using Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. A founder member of Small Change Company, now freelance and developing the Clean Change Company website and on the next Developing Company video

Clean Coaching Company

Ned Skelton is an experienced business coach/mentor and facilitates groups in change processes focused on delivering business goals. The Company specialises in training, evaluating and supporting business people to become effective coaches/mentors.


Training and consulting for business and the public sector, with Lynne Cooper.


The following are predominantly NLP, rather than Clean, organisations. But we like them!


NLP Conference

A great place to experience NLP – with a fair dose of Clean included most years :-)

NLP Connections

NLP discussion forum. For lively discussion of Clean, check out the Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling topic in ‘Related fields’.

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