East Dulwich, South East London

Mobile: 07767 843 737

Office: 020 8693 9898

E-mail: barbarahouseman@hotmail.com

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Barbara’s background is in the theatre where she has worked for over 27 years as a voice, text and acting coach, including 6 years in the voice department at the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has also worked as a theatre director and written two books based on her work: Finding Your Voice and Tackling Text and Subtext. For the last ten years she has also worked in business, teaching communication skills and helping people to develop confidence and ease, especially in demanding situations. Her passion is enabling people to fulfil their potential.

Barbara has used Clean Language coaching to help clients achieve their goals, whether work related or personal. She is available for individual and small group coaching either at her premises or the client’s.

Her qualifications include:

B.Ed. Hons. (Central School of Speech and Drama)

Healing Shiatsu Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

Client recommendations:

I have found Clean Language coaching to be a powerful experience. Each session has moved me forward in profound and useful ways. The shifts in my awareness have been transformative. Clean Language is deceptive in its power – it is a gentle, imaginative process yet it contains within it the potential to help you to make wonderful and surprising changes in your life. Barbara is a highly skilled, calm and empathetic coach, who creates a safe, creative space in which to explore.    Caroline G

Being listened to with such patience and space enables me to stop and think. I give up wanting to get anywhere and simply stay with the process, exploring and discovering and I realise that my thinking patterns have changed. The habitual patterns of response – the hooks – have been disabled so it is possible to have a different view. It is not that everything changes just that the familiar responses are backgrounded and I am able to imagine alternative ways of being. Lyle J

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