Lorenza Clifford, learning and development consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers said:
"We run a two-day senior manager benchmarking and development planning event that is innovative in its design.

"Senior managers receive a lot of feedback during the event, so one of the key factors for success was to find a way to help managers to digest it and work with it, rather than be overwhelmed by it. Interspersed between assessment sessions there’s a fairly chunky feedback session and then a co-coaching session to help them work make sense of the feedback messages they’ve just received and to put them together with previous feedback to see the themes that are emerging.

"We started using GROW for this co-coaching session. It’s well known and useful, but it became clear that it was muddying the water in terms of the assessment process. We wanted something that wouldn’t muddy the water.

"Now, for co-coaching sessions, we set them up, very quickly, with a framework based on the Five-Minute Coach model, and they can very quickly start to use it. It’s useful because we’re trying to encourage coaching and co-coaching generally, and giving them a different model that they can use with their managers or each other, quickly and easily, makes a lot of sense.

It’s gone down a storm! Some people initially seem really sceptical when I describe the method and the example, but they have a go. They often come out of the session saying: “I couldn’t see how it was going to work, but when I was on the other end of it, being coached, it was great! They just let me come up with my own stuff.”

"We’ve now used this with more than 250 senior managers. It’s a good first step.

"I have got some thoughts in mind about using Clean in co-coaching as an approach to embedding learning, requiring our people to think about what they can contribute to the learning experience in the business and encouraging them to do more work with a buddy following a training programme. I think Clean would be a really good approach for this."

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