I’m afraid the Phone Practice Group is no longer happening in it’s ‘old’ format. A new idea is being developed (early 2009) – please email if you are interested in practising Clean Language by telephone or online and we’ll keep you updated.

We run a FREE Clean Language Phone Practice Group (PPG) about once a month on a weekday evening for anyone who has had 2 days or more Clean Language training. Calls cost 5ppm from a UK landline. A great way to keep your skills current!

Email us on info(at)cleanchange.co.uk to join the mailing list for the Phone Practice Group. Connection details for each practice group will then be sent to you.

The general shape of the event

We start with everyone sitting in a virtual circle, which is constructed as people phone in.

There will be a short time at the start to share any news relating to Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, and then we will propose the activity for the evening (we normally have a proposal ready – email your suggestions and we’ll incorporate them).

As a warm-up, each person will ask the person ‘sitting’ next to them one or two Clean Language questions about the topic.

Then we will organise people to form small groups of 2 or 3 and give each group a new room number. We will agree a time to reconvene in the main room, then everyone will put the phone down and ring in again to get into their small group room.

The small group will practise Clean Language skills, each having a turn as client, facilitator and observer.

At the agreed time, everyone will phone back into the main room to share learnings and close.

How to connect

You will need a special phone number and participant access code which will be emailed to you. When your call is answered, follow the instructions on line to enter the conference.

Lines are open from 5 minutes before the start time. Getting on line takes about a minute – we intend to start on time.

Other points to bear in mind

Use a landline, rather than a mobile phone. Calls cost 5p per minute from a UK landline, all of which goes to the service provider – we charge nothing. NB Calling from a mobile can be VERY expensive and often poor quality and for both reasons is NOT recommended.

Call from a quiet place – environmental noise is distracting, for you and other participants. Generally the sound is better for everyone if you use the handset rather than the speaker.

If you need to leave the group, hang up and phone back to rejoin. Please don’t put us all on ‘hold’ – we like Mozart but not in a practice group!

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