We asked participants to answer this question as part of a competition. The winners of the draw, who each receive a pack of Clean Change Cards were:

Kathryn Merrick: “It was like flying into beautiful and previously undiscovered lands of possibility.”

Jane Turner: “Like a bubbly fountain illuminted with multi-colored lights changing at both regular and random intervals, adding to its charm. Because of the regularity and the randomness of the illumination, one never knew exactly what to expect while remaining secure in the knowledge that the experience of it would be well worth having.”

Angela Steed: “Mmmm, it was like a sunny sparkly lake for me with glinty, gleamy faces to enjoy and depths to dip into!”

Other answers

Kay Ryder: "Clean Conference is like a ball of wool after a kitten has happened to it – it all holds together in a truly unique way, and there are lots of strands linking together; but you can’t quite see where each strand came from, and no strand quite ends up where you expect it to be…."

David Leeper: "For me it was like entering a shop full of different smells, colours, tastes, noises. Some were familiar, others new. That included the people! There was fun and joy in being given gifts and making new purchases." 

Lorenza Clifford: "Conference was like coming home – where every conversation has extra meanings relating to where we’re coming from and where we are going and how we currently see things."

Trine Moore: "Like Mama Mia with Merryl Streep. Muse-ical, entertaining ,visually interesting scripts and scenes, challenging the ordinary with skills… Some of which appeared readily and others which took longer to appear and develop."

Julie McCracken: "The conference for me was like a stroll through a beautiful orchard on a sunny summer afternoon with a whole variety of fruit to choose and then pick… fresh, healthy and juicy."

Phil Swallow (whose idea inspired the competition): "Like a well-guided, exciting white-water rafting trip!" 

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