Also on hand at Summer School, were Snapshot Films, whom we commissioned to video all four Foundation modules for our forthcoming training product. Amidst the demands of set-dressing and getting the training team mic’d up, camera operator Chris Melling wrote what we think is an inspired, inspiring and witty poem about the experience.



10 days to find metaphor… Six Post-Its from the edge by Chris Melling


My metaphor
Observe the metaphoric.
Sin Tacks?
Things to pin down my sins.
In the group
Out the group
Not in ‘The Group’.
Where knows something?

exquisite framing.
And then what happens?
Position yourself
position myself.
Pre  position
What does ‘in my position’ want… to happen next?

I want Wendy to go left.
Educating Rita, educating Krystyna.
Symbolic. Modelling.
Symbolic visioning
exquisite listening
exquisite positioning
exquisite metonyming
Me too…  nyming.
In the group
In the mix
Well maybe not exquis it…. is it?

Where would ‘it’ like to be?
What does here think about there…
or me at my best?
Visioner, picturer
Metaphoric landscaper
lazy theorist
active pragmatist,
flight by seat of pants.

Crash zoom
Whip pan
Full tilt
Meta pilot.
Term  in  ology
Dolce Vita
This sweet life.

It is code congruent
Code Congruent.
Codec on Gruent
A resort I’ve come to know well,
Like Frinton on Sea
Only cleaner.