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Clean Conference 

We will not be holding a Clean Conference in 2021 but in the meantime, here is a keynote presentation from our 2014 Clean Conference for you to enjoy:

Nora Bateson’s Keynote, Clean Conference, London, June 2014: ‘Finding the Edges of the Frame. Metaphors, Courage, and Invisible Ink’

Thanks to Brian Birch for recording/ editing the presentation and to Nora for agreeing to have it posted.


What is Clean Language?

Articles and Research

Clean Language Articles and Research

Clean Language is a philosophy and technique applied to questioning that very quickly creates a pathway to the heart of the matter and so elicits high-fidelity, high-value information, that can be transformative in many contexts. As a personal or business coaching technique it outperforms NLP and hypnotherapy as a way of creating well fitting ecological autogenic change. When used in a business consulting it quickly and effectively reveals the structure of your current situation and reveals the resources already within your organisation capable of responding effectively. The Clean Change Company, as a training and development organisation, is actively involved in continuing research into Clean Language, symbolic modelling and emergent knowledge. We have an extensive body of articles from introductory to cutting edge research on Clean Language, Clean Space, symbolic modelling, emergent knowledge and the work of David Grove. Click here for the catalog of articles.


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The Clean Change Company is one of the world’s premier Clean and Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language training organizations with over 17 years of experience and a comprehensive, challenging and truly rewarding program of face-to-face and Zoom-based training.


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The Clean Change Company provides rigorous training and certification, holding the standard for Clean Facilitating. We are delighted to recommend these coaches. Certified Clean Facilitators



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The Clean Change Company works with organisations large and small all over the UK to model and transform their biggest problems using the resource they already have in house. What is your biggest challenge right now?


International Partnerships

International Partnerships

International Partnerships

Clean Change Company have partnerships with training organisations in France and The Netherlands. Click the picture or the link above for details


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Meet the team of professionals at the Clean Change Company passionate about the power of Clean to transform your business or personal situation by leading you to discover the high value new information within your system that can make a truly astounding difference.